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Let us help you get the word out about your business or artistic project. We create stunning visuals ready for any platform


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Many artists trust us with their visions because we are experts at visual communication. Let us make your dream a reality!


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Are you a content creator but constantly find yourself without background videos for your content? Let us help you fine tune your brand with our stunning visuals!


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Carter Ray - SCARS (Official Music Video)

Carter Ray - SCARS (Official Music Video)

Carter Ray, our cinematic raconteur, colorful with charisma and entertaining as all get out, transcends what it means to be an artist by today’s standards. An experienced filmmaker and tv persona, with the title of ‘Best Drama’ at the QueerX LA Film Festival for his debut short film, “The Change Up,” and appearances in the infamous MTV’s FAKING IT and Tool of America with John Cena, Carter Ray is expanding his artistry with his next statement piece, single “Scars.” “I remember before my transition being at the beach, seeing all the guy's with their shirts off and feeling so alone, and misunderstood. Only to come to the realization that I don't need anyone's approval to be set free. In the end, I'm just one of those boy's. I want young trans men, and all walks of life for that matter, to feel seen. We got community through one another. I hope someone somewhere hears "Scars" and dances like they never have before and embraces all that has brought them to where they are today.” In 2014, Carter began documenting his transition from female to male on the internet in hopes of raising awareness, and to help spread a message to young trans folks of love, validity, and the belief that no dream is too big: a message he so badly needed growing up. 300,000 TikTok followers and over 35 Million views later, he stands as a beacon of light and an incredibly influential advocate for the LGBQ+ community. -- Stream on Spotify: --Stream on Apple Music: -- Follow Carter Ray on Instagram: --Subscribe to Carter Ray on YouTube: Music Producer: Sam J Garfield - @samjgarfeild Director: Niko Storment - @niko_storment Cinematographer: Kane Andrade - @kanecandrade Video Production: Vincent House Productions - @VincentHouseProductions Video Production: Rosen Creative House - @RosenCreativeHouse Producer: Bird Vincent - @birdlambro Producer: Kaio Queiroz - @Kaioqrz Graffer: Catie Loth - @Catievxo Trans Men Cast: @sydmaxfit @nickycutler @gunnersaintjames @apollomoon999 @Sawyer.sturgis
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