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Niko Storment

Founder & CEO
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Niko is a transgender photographer, videographer, musician, and producer that uses a community approach to creating sustainable equity. He’s founded & co-founded various brands supporting queer and trans communities, and now produces @vampmondays. He’s currently also working on his psychology degree studying Trans health at CIIS, and learning to produce his own music. Check out his portfolio in our bio or follow him at @niko_storment

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Kane C. Andrade

Creative Director & co-founder

Kane is a transgender Photographer, Videographer, Content Creator and Multimedia Producer based in the bay area. He is the owner of Trans Stache LLC, a company based in the bay area. Kane is an experienced and driven Creative Producer bringing forth valuable experience working with industry leading brands such as Toyota, Adobe, Reebok and Square. His work highly consists of the use of light and the use of color. For more go to

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