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Rosen Creative House is a Trans-Owned Creative Agency aiming to provide opportunities to queer and trans creatives, with a special concentration on queer women and trans folks. Everything from visuals, to performance, to production will be executed by someone in our community. Our network of professional creatives is made up of the best of the best, and you can be assured you are putting money into the queer economy when you work with Rosen Creative House.​

We provide videography, photography, branding, and live production services. Our team will bring the creative flavor you've been wanting to add to your business, brand, or event.

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Kane C. Andrade

Looking at the photography of Kane Andrade, the first thing that strikes most viewers is his stunning use of light and color. Whether Andrade is focusing his lens on an intimate solo portrait or capturing fog rolling over the Golden Gate Bridge, light is used to bring out a rich depth of color that makes the images feel almost otherworldly.

Niko Rosen Storment

Niko's visual style is inspired by visual storytelling. He concentrates on the subject and attempts to give them the space to showcase their own narrative. Finished off with his signature glossy style, he aims to show the beauty in his subjects. 

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Our Clients

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